Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Well my faithful followers i have stumbled across another manly food item that i would really really really like to try. I mean what about this sounds bad could it be the hot-dog? maybe the fact that it is rolled in cheese and more meat? or that it is or that it is wrapped in he best all time food item BACON? or that is breaded and baked to perfection? well the only thing i know is i want one. so i plan on making some soon and i will be more than happy to post them here with an update on the taste which i am assuming will be awesome.

Monday, August 30, 2010


This show is fun to watch but some of the things he eats just seems impossible. For example i watched an episode where he had to devour 15 dozen oysters. yes he was given sauce and lemon juice but how he could down them all was beyond me. I could imagine a job like this being amazing i mean just think about it, being paid to eat. I wish i was him :C anyway im going to go browse some other peoples blogs. just keeping yall updated!


Well everyone we have here a wonderful recipe idea i stumbled upon on the internet. i did try it out and it was actually surprisingly good. First i mixed up some spaghetti sauce w/ a generous amount of chopped onions and garlic spiced it w/some oregano and some basil. threw in some shredded cheddar, not a lot but enough to give it some zing. I let that bad boy simmer for a little while and BAM i kicked it up a notch got me some of the picture following and poured it over the top and it was the best spaghetti-hot dog meal i had ever had. be sure to keep checking in every day i will post new content daily and occasionally MAN-FOOD. Good-night everyone.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I have been playing SC2 Non-Stop for some time now. Working on achievements for campaign mostly. But every now and then i like to throw in some 1v1's or 2v2's. I am a protoss player, And my favorite 1v1 strategy is 2gateing then teching to newb- rays. wins almost every time. I am "cheesing" my way to the top!   

New Day

Well it is a new day and i woke up around 3:00. feeling kind o f dead. managed to wobble to the freezer and pick up some of those new hot pocket "buns" buffalo chicken flavor. they did not disappoint me i enjoyed them thoroughly. And now i am here typing on my blog feel free to comment on anything this site is mostly about you. 

bored :/

Well everyone been bored all day today, got some new clothes but that's about it aside from the lurking.