Monday, August 30, 2010


This show is fun to watch but some of the things he eats just seems impossible. For example i watched an episode where he had to devour 15 dozen oysters. yes he was given sauce and lemon juice but how he could down them all was beyond me. I could imagine a job like this being amazing i mean just think about it, being paid to eat. I wish i was him :C anyway im going to go browse some other peoples blogs. just keeping yall updated!


  1. Wow, looks tasty! Following you!

  2. now this was a delicious post :D

  3. A lot of them seem impossible but sometimes I feel they could have someone that does better as he loses a lot.

    I recall one episode where they showed this other guy who just DEVOURED a gigantic 5+ pound burrito in less than half an hour.

    Should have that guy on there.

    .. Now I'm hungry.

  4. Awesome blog. u made me hungry now :( btw following you now,

  5. hey i wish i could be doing that